Decor Your Dinner Table With Fresh Flowers – Here’s how?

Decor Your Dinner Table With Fresh Flowers – Here’s how?

A great dinner table is incomplete without flowers & candles. That’s why it’s good to have your table adorned with pretty flowers to make them worth like a million dollars. Have you ever wished to create a dinner party with a floral spread? This is the right time. As its spring, reach for daffodils, roses, lilacs, carnations and much more. You can get a flower bouquet from a florist shop near you or get the same day flower delivery to cut down the hassle. Either way, ensure to delight your people with these pro tips. Let’s get started.

Stick To One Colour

If you love the idea of infusing flowers to decorate your dinner table, stick to colours like all whites or reds or lavender based on your house wall or couch or curtain’s colour. It does make an impact and brings a new pulse to the entire area.

Be An Artist

Whether you want large flowers, accent it with flowers, greenery or fillers and make sure the arrangement is loose and airy rather than making it appear like a tight mound. 

Bring The Elements

Once you have sorted the flowers, it’s time to put them in vases, opaque pink glasses or any designer container that you have. Divide the flowers, greenery and other fillers accordingly and space them out down the centre of the table.

Place Them Right

Clean the flowers, cut the stems and put them in the vase or glass. While placing the flowers and stems & make sure to put the flower food and water and then submerge the flowers to keep them fresh & relish them for a few more days.

A little Light

Scented candles are a way to illuminate the table to another level. You can shop decorative, scented and colourful candles to elevate the mood & these are perfect for a dinner date.

No matter whether it’s a centrepiece or a group of flower bunches, it’s good to decorate your dinner table with gorgeous fresh flowers once in a while & enjoy the dinner party. If you need stunning flower bouquets for delivery, order flowers online from Flora Plant on Chapel or call us on (03) 9827 0019 today.

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